The foremost objective of any educational institution is to make its graduates succeed in its career and have prosper lives. It is not only the quantity of education in term of numbers of years which is important but so is the quality in order for the graduates to surpass in the demanding state of art industry.

Knowing the importance of quality in academia, Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) has been established in the University of Technology (UoT) Nowshera under the considerate leadership of the honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Qamar Ul Wahab. The establishment of the QEC is an important initiative towards accomplishing higher quality standards as per university vision and mission.

The QEC team is committed to take all necessary steps for the quality assessment of different processes in UoT, determine the area of improvements therein and accordingly take initiatives to enhance the same. The QEC functions include the enactment of competent authority directions as per the guidelines of Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of Higher Education Commission (HEC) in this regard in order to meet the international standards of higher education.

With special patronage from the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Qamar Ul Wahab, the Quality Enhancement Cell will expedite facilitation of the implementation of HEC prescribed standards for the measurement and enhancement of quality in University of Technology (Shuhada-e-APS, UoT) Nowshera.