Department of Civil Technology at University of Technology (UoT) Nowshera is planned and developed along the modern technological lines which are specifically made to build up students practical knowledge and technical skills in Civil Technology.

Program Description

Department of Civil Technology at University of Technology, Nowshera is currently offering state-of-the-art BSc Civil Engineering Technology program to cater the needs of national construction industry. The department aims to start the graduate program in the near future that includes Masters and Doctorate programs as well.

The BSc Civil Engineering Technology program is comprehensively designed and planned in such a way that grooms our students with the ever needed technical skills and practical knowledge. The students at Department of Civil Technology are provided with basic techniques, skills and use of modern tools and equipment to perform as professional Civil technologists.  This will enable them to master the modern surveying methods for land measurement, construction layouts, and plan to prepare design documents which are considered as most important components of the construction technology.

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