Department of Electrical Engineering and Technology at University of Technology (UoT) Nowshera is well established and organized department according to the modern necessities and requirements. Our students are facilitated with the latest course contents and the state of the art equipment so that they can efficiently compete in the upcoming modern technologies era. Electrical department has the highly qualified and skilled faculty members who can train the students in this latest era of technology.


Program Description

Department of Electrical Engineering and Technology at University of Technology, Nowshera is currently offering Bachelors of Electrical Engineering and Technology program. The program is designed such that our students can easily fulfill the needs of our national industries in the future. The course for Electrical Engineering and Technology program is designed in such a way that our students are groomed with the latest practical and technical skills. The students of Electrical Engineering and Technology department are trained over the state of the art lab equipment so that they can get hands on experience on the modern tools. This will enable them to master the modern power generation, measurements, designing of modern layouts and methods for new concepts in the Electrical field. The Department aims to start Master and PhD degree program in near future.



The vision of the department is to become a center of excellence so that the technologists can compete in the modern era of technology. To carry out practical work on a large scale to meet with the current as well as future challenges in Electrical Engineering Technology fields.



Excel as a seat of knowledge through applied research and innovation in the field of electrical technology. Provide quality education in electrical technology fundamentals, applications and hands on skills which can produce competent technologists with successful professional careers.


Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

The Program fundamental objectives are focused on to produce electrical engineering technologists who:
1. Are competent, employable, can demonstrate sound knowledge and hand-on- skills, meeting needs of the modern industry.
2. Can apply their knowledge and skills to creatively solve, analyze and design electronic systems.
3. Are effective in communication and interpersonal skills with high professional and ethical standards.
4. Are engaged in continuous pursuit of knowledge through research, continuing education and/or professional development.


Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Electrical Engineering Technology knowledge
  2. Problem Analysis
  3. Design/development of solutions
  4. Investigation
  5. Modern tool usage
  6. The Engineering Technologist and society
  7. Environment and sustainability
  8. Ethics
  9. Individual and team work
  10. Communication
  11. Project management
  12. Lifelong learning


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