“I had to gain experience as I did not have a technical education” Mikhail Kalashnikov Technology has bought so much ease to our daily life. Good technologists are outcome of systematic and in-depth technological education. Keeping it in view, Department of Electrical Technology at University of Technology (UoT), Nowshera aims to produce personnel that can critically analyze, test and troubleshoot electrical systems.

Program Description

Electrical Technology is considered as the backbone of Technology and so is the Technologists produced by this discipline. UoT offers a well-balanced four year BSc Engineering Technology program as per the HEC revised BSc Engineering Technology curriculum and industrial requirement. The curriculum includes only 30% theoretical knowledge and more focus (70%) has been given to laboratory and practical work as the industry requires more doers and workers. Department of Electrical Technology aspires to produce electrical technologists that can cater our national needs and have the ability to technically meet the challenges of modern world using their profound and state of the art technical knowledge .

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