Information Engineering Technology has played an important role in changing the face of the world with its amazing attributes of automating technologies. Our aim is to keep up with rapid technological changes and advancements in Information Engineering Technology domain. Due to hi-tech advancements, we need technologists who are competent to handle the cutting edge technologies like Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud computing, virtual reality and other latest systems. We are highly motivated to produce technology professionals with highly professional skills along with extraordinary expertise in developing and maintaining IET infrastructure.



  • Information Engineering Technology program will cover various aspects of the Information Engineering Technology domain in breath, covering core science and its applications within a code of ethics. Our mission is to provide the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills required for a professional career in Information Engineering Technology.


Program Objectives

  • The Program Objectives are focused on to produce Information Engineering Technologists who:
  • Are competent, employable, can demonstrate sound knowledge and hand-on skills, meeting needs of the modern industry
  • Can apply their knowledge and skills to creatively analyze and design information technology systems and to solve related problems
  • Are effective in  communication and interpersonal skills with high professional and ethical standards
  • Are engaged in continuous pursuit of knowledge through research, continuing education and/or professional development


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Information Engineering Technology knowledge.
  • Problem Analysis
  • Design/development of solutions
  • Investigation
  • Modern tool usage
  • The Engineering Technologist and society
  • Environment and sustain ability
  • Ethics
  • Individual and team work
  • Communication
  • Project management
  • Lifelong learning


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