Department of Mechanical Technology at University of Technology Nowshera established with an aim to produce professionally and technically sound Mechanical Technologists that can fulfill the national and international needs of the day. The department presently offer degrees in BSc Mechanical Engineering Technology, however, the MSc Mechanical Engineering Technology and Doctor of Technology programs will be initiated very soon.

Program Description

The BSc Mechanical Engineering Technology program spreads over eight semesters (04 years), inclusive of theoretical courses with majority of laboratory work. Students enrolled in Mechanical Technology at UoT Nowshera are provided with the in-depth knowledge and technical skills exactly according to the modern industry demands and technological needs.

The Department of Mechanical Technology strictly follows the explicitly designed revised curricula by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). It enables the students to acquire the essential knowledge and practical skills needed in the manufacturing and development of tangible products including machines and mechanical systems ranging from IC Engines and vehicles to the pumps and hydraulic machinery and from aircraft and jet engines to the refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Anticipating the technological scenario of the modern world, the Department of Mechanical Technology offers a pleasant and motivating academic experience to its students.

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