VICE CHANCELLOR - Prof. Dr. Zaffar M. Khan


It is great honor to lead University of Technology (UoT), which is the first Public Sector University of Nowshera district, with an aim to make it vibrant and productive institution. The engine-of-growth across the globe has clearly shifted from natural resources to knowledge driven economy where Technological education is key source. University of Technology (UoT), Nowshera, is a place for those who want to pursue higher education and career as technologist. Bachelor’s program has been started in six disciplines. We plan to start Master’s program as well.

In UoT, Nowshera, students will spend most of their time in laboratories or field. State-of-the-art laboratories are in establishing process for hands on experience in modern technologies. UoT, Nowshera is in its infancy, but tremendous support exists, such that establishing of sub-campuses in Swabi and Charsadda Districts has already been initiated.

We have attracted the Best Faculty and Supporting Staff. They are performing duties with passion to bring out dream of World-Class Technology University to reality. On behalf of my staff and faculty, I invite you to join this elite hub of academic excellence, which will provide ideal environment for creating new knowledge, exploring new frontiers and incubation of innovative ideas.

Prof. Dr. Zaffar M. Khan

Vice Chancellor