Technical education improves the quality of life and boosts industrial yield by creating skilled man power which plays a vital role in development of a country. Electronics plays vital role in almost every field of life. It’s a broad technological field that incorporates many subfields including automation systems, instrumentations, electronics based control systems, semiconductor circuit designs and many more.

Program description

Understanding the ever increasing demand of Electronics, University of Technology (UoT), Nowshera has established Department of Electronics Technology to prepare their students theoretically and technically for the exponentially growing electronics industry.

UoT Nowshera offers BSc Electronics Engineering Technology, a 4 year comprehensive program based upon the concept of more practical knowledge and technical skills as compared to theoretical knowledge. Students at UoT, will be able to get an in-depth knowledge of the field and will also be given the opportunity to enhance their technical abilities in the respective area. The curriculum is specifically designed to enable the students gain broad spectrum knowledge about the vast and dynamic field of electronics including analog and digital electronics, embedded systems, power electronics, control systems, integrated circuits etc.

Department of Electronics Technology at UoT Nowshera has enthusiastic and competent faculty to deploy technical skills in the students and transform them into an asset that every public and private sector organizations will be proud to have.

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