In compliance with the directives of Higher Education, Archives & Libraries Department Govt of KPK the management is starting an awareness drive against drugs at UoT. The following steps will be taken for the implementation of directives. 

1. Faculty members of all the departments are requested to educate students on the harmful effects of drugs during their lectures. 

2. All hostel wardens are directed to educate the hostelite students & remain vigilant to spot and report any activity related to drug abuse to the administration promptly. 

3. Canteen committee is directed to monitor the cafeteria for drug abuse/distribution and to direct the canteen staff to report any activity of this sort promptly to the administration. 4. For awareness of the students play cards and panaflexes highlighting the harmful effects of drugs will be affixed at various areas within the campus and hostel. 

5. All the employees and students of UoT are encouraged to report any illegal activity related to drugs to the administration.

 Please note that this will be an ongoing activity with frequent reviews with implementations of valuable suggestions and feedback received from any official/student.