Research Areas:

  • DC Micro Grids

The renewable technologies such as solar photo voltaic and wind power are becoming more popular at a household level. The integration of the mentioned renewable sources along with AC mains, and driving DC loads are advantageous due to the low complexity of DC networks, high efficiency of switching power converters etc. However for efficient operation of DC micro grids, there are some research challenges such prioritization between different sources, power sharing between parallel converters , droop control and DC link voltage stabilization.

 UoT Nowshera Group Members:

  • Dr. NasimUllah
  • Dr. Anwar Ali
  • Dr. Haider Ali
  • Dr. Khalid Mehmood

Industrial partner:

       Mohsin Electro medical (PVT) limited Peshawar


Computer Vision & Communication Electronics

Although fingerprint is the most acceptable biometric used for recognition in forensic and commercial applications all over the globe, a comprehensive research collaboration in the field of image processing, signal processing, communication electronics, computer vision , pattern recognition, optical communication and sensor technology between academic and industry is still required to achieve an error free and highly secure recognition system.

The main targets of the research group is to design novel algorithms and electronics circuitry for personal recognition by fusing fingerprint with other biometrics such as face, iris and hand geometry and improve the communication technologies by performance enhancement of state of the art deployed in the market.


Group members

  • Dr. Amjad Ali
  • Dr. Anwar Ali
  • Dr. Khalid Mahmood
  • Engr. Bilal Aziz
  • Engr. Amad Hamza