ORIC Introduction

In the past, innovations were not put forwarded by the university- based research, instead, university researchers were quietly concentrated on basic sciences. After all, the ultimate aim of scientific research is to improve the human condition and their quality of life. To achieve this milestone, in line, with the policy of HEC and in pursuance of the honorable Vice Chancellor’s University of Technology Nowshera Prof. Dr. Zaffar M Khan directives for streamlining the management of research initiatives and programs, there was a need to establish a Centre for monitoring the research and development activities at the University of Technology Nowshera. HEC is also providing incentives for the universities with a well-established ORIC department. By setting up ORIC, the university becomes eligible to receive funds from HEC for research activities such as Training workshops, holding seminars, conferences in collaboration with HEC, marketing of research for commercialization, networking events for business and establishment of academia-industry linkages. This center will provide a complete platform to researchers and augment their research skills from the working bench to the finished products. Ideally, university structure will support all aspects of this process, from invention to innovation as well as commercialization. ORIC will ensure the quality of research, collaboration between academia and industry, encourage faculty to conduct funded research and promote entrepreneurship. ORIC will help to create opportunities for academia at all levels and engage with the industry to create more competitive businesses and innovative environment.